The Sustainability Development Goals are the roadmap towards a greener future for our society.

At InsFeed, we believe it is in all of us to lead the change and make a positive impact both in the industry and our communities.

The principal UN goals where we can make a difference are these:

At InsFeed we work to bring new smart solutions to the industry. Research, development and innovation are at our core, since we believe applying 4.0 technologies in this industry makes it more productive and cost-efficient.

Our business model is based on a circular economy principles. We works through partnerships to find the best quality input for our process within the primary industry so we can deliver the most premium products.

Insect based ingredients have a substantially lower footprint compared to actual ingredients for feed and petfood. We offer a sustainable alternative to protein and lipid sources.

Providing a high quality, accessible and natural source of protein, at InsFeed we urge to change the statu quo to stop devastating fishing techniques to catch wild fish from oceans to elaborate fishmeal.

Insect farming delivers high quality nutrients with a lower surface, water and carbon footprint. Relieving tension to the forest areas and providing a balanced organic fertilizer to recover our soil.